Type Forms. An Untold Story?

When I began to explore the boxes full of type, I didn't expect to find type forms bound in string and carefully packaged in paper. I felt like an archeologist, uncovering something unexpected.

These two forms tell an incomplete story. Could they be the remaining type set for "An Arctic Journal"?

"Regarding email from Bill dated May 2, which included picture of writing on a box "ONLY I KNOW WHAT'S IN HERE . . . "  Wil said that it looks like his writing, but that he doubts if he would leave a note like that. Regarding the next picture in the email, Wil said "That's my type setting, I don't recognise the material, but I do recognise my type setting. It sounds like your conclusion was correct, Bill, and that Will was setting type for someone else's story. Wil identified the actual font in the block of type as being "Mono type, Van Dijcke 14 point".  (I hope I have transcribed this correctly). "

email: Barbara Aguero May 6 2013

I have flipped the 2 forms for easier reading.